Tuesday 23 May

Plenary session | Aula Nordica Auditorium

Chair: Anna-Karin Hurtig 

May van Schalkwyk
NIHR Doctoral Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
Shining a light on the commercial determinants of health on the road to building resilient communities.

Jean-Luc Lemahieu
Director of the Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, UNODC

Joachim Kersten
Senior Research Professor at the Criminology Dept. of the German Police University (DHPOL)
EU research on improved services for victims of domestic violence - accelerating change in frontline responder organizations.

Auke van Dijk
Senior Strategist, Dutch National Police
Changing policing for communities: law enforcement and public health as an emerging field of practices, concepts, and research

Morning Tea
Major sessions
Major session 2:1 Major session 2:2 Major session 2:3 Major session 2:4
Vulnerability and Policing Futures: An Integrated Approach at the Nexus of Research-Practice Stress and well-being among patrolling police officers Developments in LEPH education: promising opportunities and cautionary tales Wales, a trauma-informed nation: Laying the foundations
Chair: Adam Crawford Chair: Mehdi Ghazinour Chairs: Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron, Inga Heyman Chair: Joanne Hopkins

An Introduction to the ESRC Centre’s Research and Engagement Ambitions
Adam Crawford and Charlie Lloyd, Co-Directors, ESRC Centre on Policing and Vulnerability

Stress and well-being among patrolling police officers
Mehdi Ghazinour, Professor, Police Education Unit, Umeå University

Whether to degree or not degree is not really the answer to the LEPH solution
Denise Martin (Scotland)

Wales Without Violence - Strategic Framework for the Prevention of Youth Violence in Wales
Lara Snowdon, Violence Prevention Programme Lead, Public Health Wales

A Place-based Approach to Analysing Policing Vulnerabilities
Larissa Engelmann, Postdoctoral Research Associate, ESRC Centre on Policing and Vulnerability

Physical condition and resilience among patrolling police officers
Ann Österman, Police Officer, Swedish law enforcement

Lived experience advocates in the classroom: to what extent can they help with LEPH education?
Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron (Australia)

Early Action Together Programme; a Multi-Agency, Adverse Childhood Experience Informed Approach to Policing
Joanne Hopkins, Public Health Researcher, Public Health Wales

Views on Public Service Responses to Vulnerability: A Q Methods Approach
Kate Brown, ESRC Centre on Policing and Vulnerability

Life balance among police officers
Elin Granholm Valmari, PhD student, Umeå University

Aligning learning with officer well-being and social outcomes
Emma Williams (England)

Resilient Communities; the Role of Community Organisations in Preventing and Mitigating Adversity
Joanne Hopkins, Public Health Researcher, Public Health Wales

County Lines Policing and Exploitation of Vulnerable People: A National Survey
Chris Devany, Postdoctoral Research Associate, ESRC Centre for Policing and Vulnerability

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Police Officers’ Mental Health
Hans O Löfgren, Assistant professor, Umea university

Opportunities in LEPH education
Jennifer Norman (England)

Violence Intelligence for Prevention (VIP) Hub – Utilising capture-recapture methodology to estimate the prevalence of ‘hidden harm’ during the COVID-19 pandemic
Gordon Hay, Violence Prevention Programme Lead, Public Health Wales

Online Child Sexual Exploitation: A Locally-Based Study 
Christine Weirich, Postdoctoral Research Associate, ESRC Centre for Policing and Vulnerability

Work-related stress in relation to gender-based and sexual harassment among a group of Swedish police officers
Arian Rostami, Ph.D. student, Umea University

Teaching police officers and public health personnel together: dynamics, opportunities, and challenges
Inga Heyman (Scotland)

Engaging men and boys in sexual violence prevention
Bryony Parry, Wales Violence Prevention Unit, Public Health Wales


Mental Health and Conflict Management among Swedish Police Officers
Mikael Emsing, Department of Epidemiology and Global Health, Police Education Unit, Umeå University



12.30 Lunch
12.45 Lunchtime session

Elizabeth Such
NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellow
Honorary Senior Research Fellow, ScHARR

Title: Developing a public health approach to modern slavery and human trafficking in the United Kingdom

13.30 Proffered paper sessions
Proffered paper session 2:1 Proffered paper session 2:2 Proffered paper session 2:3 Proffered paper session 2:4
Marginalised communities Partnership and collaboration Police wellbeing Wales: Practical interventions that work
Chair: Albert Johansson Chair: Miguel Inzunza Chair: Johanna Sundqvist Char: Emma Wools, Deputy PCC South Wales Police

Besides Being Scared if I Would Ever Heal, I was Scared Police Could Have Attacked the Shelter”: Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning COVID-19 Adolescents Managed in Protection Shelters in Kampala, Uganda

Presenter: Denis Muganga, Men of the Night, Uganda

Evaluation findings of the Bucks County, Pennsylvania (USA) Human Services Co-responder program

Presenter: Patricia Griffin, Associate Professor/UNODC Senior International Research Consultant, Holy Family University

Tackling Stress with Wearable Technology

Presenters: Carol Cox, Moya Ward, Esther Ingham, Liverpool John Moores University

Engaging the public

Presenters: Joanne Hopkins, Bryony Parry, Public Health Wales

Enhancing Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, Protection and Law Enforcement for a better Resilient Community.

Presenter: Mengee Antionette Kai, Lesbian and Gay Association of Liberia

Is partnership working? Complexities within community safety learning and development in Wales

Presenter: Ella Rabaiotti, Tutor in Criminology, Swansea University

Proactive global collaboration on Law Enforcement Suicide: More than just talk

Presenter: Amanda Farrell, Liverpool John Moores University

Targeted sector specific work: substance misuse and drugs policy

Presenters: [police], Natalie Blakeborough, Public Health Wales

Elder abuse and neglect: Criminal justice responses in Australia

Presenter: Eileen O’Brien, UniSA: Justice and Society, The University of South Australia

How cross-service collaboration can improve community safety and wellbeing: a case study

Presenter: Andrew Tatnell, Edinburgh Napier University

Challenging and Demanding Work:  A study into Stress in the Police

Presenter: Lillis Rabbing, Politihøgskolen, Oslo, Norge

Trauma-informed communities of practice in Wales

Presenters: Samia Addis, Natalie Blakeborough, [police]


Where to go from here? Officer perspectives on the co-responder model in public-safety

Presenter: Linda Phiri, American University

Self-estimated stress within patrolling police officers

Presenter: Julia Lundén, Polismyndigheten

Taking a blueprint approach

Presenters: Emma Wools, et al


Reimagining the role of police: using cross-agency collaboration to divert vulnerable people from the criminal justice system

Presenter: Ebba Herrlander Birgerson, University of Tasmania

Mental Health issues - Prevention and Response within the National Police Service Kenya

Presenter: Agnes Irungu, National Police Service, Kenya

What works to prevent violence against women, domestic abuse, sexual violence?

Presenters: Lara Snowdon, Public Health Researcher, Public Health Wales


15.00 Afternoon Tea
15.30 Marketplace of Ideas 3

Umeå is growing - safely and securely. A collaborative approach to preventing social unrest.

Presenters: Kerstin Rörsch, Cecilia Ravry, Västerbotten County administrative board


Developing Police Custody and Forensic Examination Nursing: Trauma, addiction, violence, mental health and recovery, A future model

Presenter: Jessica Davidson

15.30 Marketplace of Ideas 4

PHA Wales: Trauma-informed approaches to policing, childhood adversity and early intervention: What does trauma-informed awareness mean for practice?


Does POLKON create the conditions for a good work environment for the individual police officer?

Presenter: Erik Borglund, Mid Sweden University

15.30 Proffered paper sessions
Proffered papper session 2:5 Proffered paper session 2:6 Proffered paper session 2:7

Harm reduction

Chair: Hans Löfgren


Chair: TBD

Police wellbeing

Chair: Johanna Sundqvist

Policing challenges for proposed drug checking services in Scotland

Presenter: Elizabeth Aston, Scottish Institute of Police Research

Improving capabilities of local governments as designer for safe and secure environment

Presenter: Ain Pell, Ministry of the Interior, Estonia

The protective role of mentalization in child exploitation investigators: preliminary adaptation and validation of a promising measure

Presenter: Audrey Potz, Psychology Department, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivière

Harm reduction as an entry point for reducing safety risks of vulnerable population groups.

Presenter: Monique Michal Marks, Durban University of Technology

Chasing thieves or preventing crime? – Police students’ perception of crime prevention

Presenter: Mia Lind, Umeå University

Public health and Law enforcement: Vulnerability among male police officers, impact on the self and public health and wellbeing initiatives.

Presenter: Coral J Dando, University of Westminster

The Role of Police within the ‘Risk Environment’: Understanding Future Service Users’ Perspectives of an Overdose Prevention Centre in the UK

Presenter: Benjamin Scher, University of Oxford

Hungarian vs. American mediators and how to make communities more resilient

Presenter: Laura Schmidt, University of Public Service, Budapest

The F.I.T. approach to police mental health and wellbeing

Presenter: Maria Haberfeld,John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Harm Reduction and Law Enforcement Engagement 

Presenter: Orisha Bowers, National Harm Reduction Coalition

The meaning of private sector in building social sustainable societies

Presenter: Magdalena Sjöberg, Umeå University

Public Safety Personnel COVID-19 Mental Health Related Risk Factors: Implications for Police

Presenter: Gregory Anderson, Thompson Rivers University



Mental health and exercise habits among police students in Sweden: a three-year retrospective study

Presenter: Alexander Jansson, Malmö University