Monday 22 May

Opening ceremony | Aula Nordica Auditorium

Chair: Mehdi Ghazinour

Hans Adolfsson
Vice-chancellor, Umeå University

Micael Säll Lindahl
Head of police, Northern Sweden

Richard Bent
President of GLEPHA

LEPH Oration | Aula Nordica Auditorium

Chair: Inga Heyman

President Atifete Jahjaga

President of the Republic of Kosovo (2011 – 2016), member of the Council of Women World Leaders

The importance of working together to build resilience

09.30 Plenary Session

Chair: Monica Burman

Aleksander Kwasniewski
Chair of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Commission on Drugs.

The need for a collaborative response between police and health services to issues of illicit drug use

Ingrid Nyborg
Head, Center for Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Human Security and Police Reform: How women and men's local experiences and understandings of insecurity, vulnerability and development relate to security and development discourses, policies and programs in post-conflict (post-disaster) situations

10.00 Morning tea/coffee
10.30 Plenary session: Embedding a Public Health approach to Policing in Scotland

Chair: Monica Burman

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie
Executive Lead for Partnerships, Prevention and Community Wellbeing, Police Scotland

Dr Kristy Docherty
Director of Public Services, Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI)

Paul Johnston [TBC]
CEO, Public Health Scotland

Dr Diane Stockton
Health and Justice lead for Public Health Scotland,

11.00 Major sessions
Major session 1:1 Major session 1:2 Major session 1:3 Major session 1:4
Scotland: Trauma-informed Approaches – Operational Missing persons – improving intervention, prevention and response through a public health lens Police work with vulnerable people Exploring the problem of sexual and gender-based harassment in Swedish and Norwegian police contexts
Chair: TBD Chair: Rebecca Stenberg Chair: Erik Andersson Chair: Monica Burman

Our staff – Wellbeing
Damian Shannon PSOS Wellbeing Manager

Our community – help the helpers, VRU examples
Kirsty Giles VRU & James Docherty, SVRU

Local Policing Implementation
P/ship Supt Graham Binnie & Operational Insp Martin Tierney

Collaboration about missing persons – fragmented talk or coordinated learning system?
Rebecca Stenberg, CARER, Linköping University

How to increase safety before and during a missing episode? Co-production between eldercare and Police in the process of searching for a person with cognitive impairments
Maria Wolmesjö, Professor in Social Work, Borås University

Missing incidents in persons with dementia – What do we know and what do we do?Mikael Larsson, PhD-student/Police sergeant

Police work in socio-economically vulnerable areas
Jonas Hansson, Associate professor, Police Education, Umeå university

Police work with vulnerable people: narcotics
Tommy Töllinoja, Umeå university

Police work with vulnerable people: A presentation of a police-orientated education of interacting with mentally ill persons.
Hans Löfgren, Psychiatrist

Police and social work partnership education
Carina Nyman, Sociologist, Umeå University

Preventing and combating sexual harassment in Swedish police education
Johanna Sundqvist, Associate Professor, Umeå University

How the duty to report prevents reporting – paradoxes in combating sexual harassment within the Swedish police
Malin Wieslander, Associate Professor, Linköping University

“Grab’em by the…!” Challenges and resistance to work against sexual harassment within the Swedish police force
Silje Lundgren, Senior Lecturer, Linköping University

Gender-based and sexual harassment against Swedish police officers
Arian Rostami, Ph.D. student, Umeå University

Intervening against sexual harassment in the police: Efforts and results
Brita Bjørkelo, Professor, Norwegian Police University College

Lunchtime session

Jeff Thompson

Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 
Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression
Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University Medical Center
Real resilience for police

Marketplace of Ideas 1

Project IGOR

Presenter: Markus Antonsson

Policeinspector and groupchief/projectleader of IGOR-project

Proffered paper sessions
Proffered papper session 1:1 Proffered paper session 1:2 Proffered paper session 1:3 Proffered paper session 1:4
Dementia Pandemics & preparedness Violence Applying Public Health Approaches in Policing - Scotland
Chair: Elin Granholm Valmari Chair: Isabelle Stjerna Doohan Chair: Monica Burman   

Risk factors associated with missing incidents among persons living with dementia: a retrospective study

Presenter: Antonio Miguel-Cruz, University of Alberta

Emergency preparedness for CBRN incidents – The European Melody project

Presenter: Annika Johansson, Umeå University

Outcomes from a Longitudinal Research Project on Policing Intimate Partner Violence in Rural and Remote Areas in Sweden

Presenter: Joakim Petersson, Örebro University

Embedding a National Public Health Approach – Prevention Strategy

Presenter: ACC Gary Ritchie

Understanding missing incidents involving persons living with dementia in Canada through analysis of hotline call data

After a missing person is found: return interviews to prevent future incidents

Community engagement to create dementia-friendly resources for police

Presenter: Christine Helene Daum, University of Waterloo

The remote trials, the COVID pandemic and the European Human Rights Law: how does the Finnish judicial practice respond?

Presenter: Nasiya Daminova, University of Tampere

Challenges for the police to meet gender-based violence in Sámi communities

Presenter: Jennie Bránden, Postdoctoral in Political Science, Institutionen för Epidemiologioch Global Hälsa, Umeå University

Local inputs from East, West and North

Presenter: T/Supt Graham Binnie and Insp Martin Tierney

An investigation of dementia patients and their family carers’ experiences with the criminal justice system in Taiwan

Presenter: : Lanying Huang, National Taipei University

Australia’s Health and Police agencies, cruise ships and the Covid-19 pandemic response

Presenter: Joe McNulty, Australian Institute of Police Management

Mortality among individuals with substance use disorder – impact of violent criminal behaviour in different age groups

Presenter: Martin Joakim Jakobsson, Doctorate student, Umeå University

National CJSD Harm Reduction Strategy, Trauma Informed Interviewing techniques


Australia’s Health and Police agencies, cruise ships and the Covid-19 pandemic response

Presenter: Joe McNulty, Australian Institute of Police Management

Holistic evaluation to decrease gun violence

Presenter: Yacov Crawford, Kesher-A-Kesher




Pandemics management by the LEAs: The example of STAMINA research project

Presenter: Jose L Diego, Valencia Local Police

When health meets crime: unpacking the conceptual and practical challenges of public health approaches to violence reduction

Presenter: Francesca Menichelli, Lecturer in criminology, University of Surrey



Afternoon Tea
Marketplace of Ideas 2 

Physical literacy – a new social innovation tool

Presenter: Tom Englén, verksamhetsledare/director, Change the game

Proffered paper sessions
Proffered papper session 1:5 Proffered paper session 1:6 Proffered paper session 1:7 Proffered paper session 1:8
Police organization and identity Marginalised communities Education Collaborative Leadership – Scotland
Chair: David Sjöberg Chair: TBD Chair: Annika Johansson Char: Vicki Herrington 

Increased police presence in complex target areas and its impact on citizens perceptions in key processes

Presenter: Miguel Inzunza, Police Education Unit, Umeå University

Street-Based Sex Work, Procedural Justice, and Policing in Washington, DC

Presenter: Katie Hail-Jares, Lecturer, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University

The Emergency Care Competence Needed for Police Patrol Officers According to the Experts– a National Swedish Delphi Study

Presenter: Anders Svensson och Ola Kronkvist, Linnaeus University

ACC Gary Ritchie – Exec Sponsor

Dr Kristy Docherty, SIPR Evaluation Team for Police and Local Government Pilot

Professor Denise Martin, SIPR Associate Director

Clair Thomson, PSOS Head of Strategic Public Health Collaboration Unit, PPCW

Supt Graham Binnie

Participant experience

Does crime prevention work without the participation of the police?

Presenter: Kristofer Nilsson, University of Borås, Sweden Police Academy

Examining the tensions between policing people convicted of sexual offending and promoting the desistance process

Presenter: Stephanie Kewley, Reader in Forensic Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Building Resilience Training into Degree Apprenticeship Programmes: Working Towards Prevention and Culture Change in Policing in England and Wales

Presenter: Amanda Farrell, Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University


What is the problem represented to be in Swedish police work? 

Presenter: Josefina Jarl, PhD Student, Department of Sociology & Police Education Unit, Umeå University

Who gets the blame and who gets the credit?  Policing, assistance, and institutional trust among the Roma in Europe

Presenter: Jeffrey Mitchell, Postdoctoral research fellow, Umeå University

Studying rapport and empathy training for investigative interviewing

Presenter: Sarah Ericsson, PhD Student, Umeå University


Connective professionalism and the four I's framework in designing a sustainable police organization

Presenter: Priit Suve, The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

‘HIV ended up in second place’- prioritizing social integration in the shadow of social exclusion: an interview study with migrants living with HIV in Sweden

Presenter: Faustine Kyungu, Senior Research Associate, Umeå University

Discussion of a new police recruit course "Contemporary Issues in Policing: Evolving Roles of Police"

Presenter: Richard Southby, George Washington University and Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC


Project Igor: “In joint organization against relational violence”

Presenter: Markus Antonsson, LPO Södermalm Polisområde Stockholm City


Discussion of a new police recruit course "Contemporary Issues in Policing: Evolving Roles of Police"

Presenter: Richard Southby, George Washington University and Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC